Venues Focused on SmarterMoney+
Big Path Capital is organizing the following events in 2017:

The Impact Capitalism Summit is a landmark event which attracted 250 participants from family offices, foundations, global wealth investment firms, investment advisors, fund managers, government, companies and service providers representing one of the largest gatherings of investable assets focused on Impact Investing in the world.  It was  the first national gathering to take a portfolio approach to Impact Investing focused on institutional investors deploying capital across asset classes for return and impact.   The conference program is built around five key asset classes – Public Equity, Public Debt, Private Equity, Private Debt, and Direct Investments - showing how institutional investors can make money and have impact.This Summit provides a rich environment for learning as well as business development opportunities with peers.

The Five Fund Forum showcases five funds representing diverse investment vehicles across the spectrum of sustainability. The Five Fund Forum occurs twice per year and occurs in the US and Europe.
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